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I want to get data-role attribute in the table. A: I would suggest that you modify your table's HTML (or, at the least, the CSS you apply to it). Instead of making the table width 100% of the page width, make it a narrower width (like 70% of page width, say) and apply styles to the td elements to make them take up that narrow width. This makes it easier to change the layout when the page width is changed, as the table width doesn't need to be altered to be responsive. It also makes it easier to use tables for layout (and, for whatever reason, there are still sites that use tables in this manner - I've seen this on a site that I was working on recently). By making the td widths narrower, the table will shrink to fit the content, making it responsive in all but the smallest of screen widths. Q: Bootstrap image-carousel won't load more than 1 image I'm trying to get a simple image carousel to work on my site and it only loads 1 image at a time, here's the code:





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Krpano Tools 1 0 8 11 Crack
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