Raw shea and cocoa with hints of lavender and eucalyptus. Our whipped body butter melts in your hands and is nourishing to your skin in many ways.

Great aid in healing dry skin or simply to keep your skin glowing and healthy! A little goes a long way!


Ivy's Shea Cocoa Body Butter

  • 2 ounces


    Shea & Cocoa Butter (moisture rich, healing for scarred or dry skin, all natural, essential fatty acids for collagen production)
    Almond oil (protects from sun damage, repairing, fatty acids)
    Coconut oil (reduces inflammation, anti-aging)
    Lavender (anti-inflammatory, soothes irritated skin)
    Eucalyptus (aromatherapy and ant-inflammatory, which aids in pain)
    Vitamin E (heals and moisturizes)