Tangy Organic Popsicles in 5 Easy Steps

In the spirit of this heat wave, we're sharing a quick recipe that's sure to delight your family and keep you cool on a hot summer day!


Needed instruments: popsicle trays with stick, a juicer or a squeezer, large cup, knife, cutting board

Ingredients: 3 large organic lemons, 12 oz of organic raspberry, purified water (optional)

Measurements are approximate for six 4 inch pops, using a juicer. Adjust the amount of fruit to fit the size you need.

We love tang here so we recommended not adding more than a tablespoon of water to each pop. The majority should be juice. Adding water means less flavor.


Wash all fruit first, even the lemon. We like to use a combination of water and a tiny amount of apple cider vinegar for the rinse.

If you're using a juicer, you will want to remove seeds and the peel of the lemon. Slice lemon into small chunks after removing the skin. The raspberries are perfect in their natural sizes.

Slowly insert your fruit into your juicer. Juicers can vary so be certain you know how to operate yours properly. If you don't have a juicer, you can use a food processor or blender for the raspberries before draining out the juice. You may get less juice than if you use a juicer. For the lemons, you can use a manual squeezer with a cup to catch the juice.

Combine your juices if you aren't using a juicer. Pour the combined juice into your clean popsicle tray. Add water as you see fit.

Freeze the juice in tray for about 3 hours or longer for larger pops. Enjoy your lemon raspberry pops indoors or out in the sun! Don't forget the sunscreen and please stay hydrated. xoxo

Benefits of this fruit combo: antioxidants, vitamin C, anti-inflammatory, potassium, fiber

Our products:

Many stores sell BPA-free trays this time of the year. Our pictured tray is from HEB!

Our juicer is an AICOK slow, masticating juicer (model AMR519). It has a quiet motor!

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