Soothing Antioxidant Soak

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Oatmeal is well-known for its benefits beyond the bowl. It is notorious as an itchy skin remedy, but you do not need agitated skin to take advantage. It's rich in antioxidants that serve as protection for the skin. Purchase whole oats from the store to create your own bath and moisturizing treat! Start with the oats and add ingredients that may be specifically beneficial or enjoyable to you. Look for organic products to mix so that you are not adding irritants to your bath.

Whole oats will need to be ground into more of a powder form. A food processor works great. Be mindful with the number of essential oils you use, as too much can be an irritant in some cases. Consider a carrier oil such as almond oil, rose hip or coconut oil.

Here is a fun oatmeal bath recipe that is a great home-remedy for irritated skin and eczema and is also a soothing treat. Measurements are approximate and you can personalize it to your needs!

Oatmeal, Lavender & Dry Coconut Milk

*2 cups of organic oats - grind into powder using a food processor

*1/3 cup of dried organic coconut milk

*1.5 - 2 oz of dry lavender - a few tablespoons

(can be substituted for a few drops of lavender essential oil if preferred)

*10 drops of organic chamomile oil (more antioxidants!)

Mix in a jar for lasting storage! Good for about two uses.

Benefits of this bath: anti-inflammatory, hydrating, antibacterial, helps repair skin, calming, relaxing to muscles.... Just enjoy the self-care!

Chamomile Oil


Please note, this is not a cure and may provide different levels of relief per individual. Do not use as a substitute to your doctor's instruction. I am not a medical doctor or healer. Be aware of your allergies before using essential oils freely. Also practice caution as carrier oils can be slippery in baths.

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