Moisturizing & Calming Face Mist DIY

I'm largely into essential oils and herbs for facial care and thought I would create a simple nighttime mist that can work for you as you sleep.

Two of my favorite oils for skin care is chamomile and rosehip oil, so I've incorporated these into the mix. Chamomile is full of antioxidants and can help reduce blemishes. Rosehip is super moisturizing, helpful with skin texture and can improve scarring. Lavender is relaxing in aromatherapy and is both a moisturizer and an antibacterial. It also masks the smell of the chamomile which is not pleasing for some, but luckily mild in nature.


Rosehip Oil - 10 drops

Chamomile Oil - 8 drops

Lavender Oil - 6 drops

Distilled Water - .8 oz

Witch hazel - 5 drops (optional but good for oily skin)

You will need a one ounce spray bottle. Add ingredients (easier to start with the water). Shake before use and mist about 2-3 sprays onto face in the evenings, after washing your face. Recommended use is 5 days per week.

**Please be mindful of any allergies you may have and please do not use on children. This is not a cure for any skin ailments.

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