Fresh Avocado Corn Salsa

If you love a vibrant salsa dip and want to incorporate raw foods into your lifestyle, try this fun recipe! Our Avocado corn salsa is vegan, natural and tasty; an ideal treat for entertaining or simply a satisfying snack. Prep time is 15-20 min. Seek out organic ingredients and shop local if possible. Here are the needed supplies for 2 servings but adjust depending on preference and serving size:

· 2 cobs of corn

· 1 large avocado

· 3 mini sweet peppers

· 1 tablespoon of cilantro

(If you’re part of the population that’s repulsed by cilantro, try parsley as a substitute)

· 2 pinches of minced garlic

· Sea salt

· 2 tablespoons of lime juice

· 1.5 cup of halved cherry tomatoes

· Optional: Add 2 pinches of red pepper flakes for spice

· Tools: measuring cup, tablespoon, cutting knife, cutting board, food processor, small bowl

You will want to first boil the corn so that the niblets can be easily cut from the cob. Boil to desired softness (typically 10 min). Remove from heat and allow to cool. In the meanwhile, cut your mini peppers to remove the seeds then place into the food processor (don't turn on just yet). Take your cup of halved tomatoes and place them into the food processor. Turn on the food processor to finely blend. Add-in the 2 pinches of minced garlic and turn on the processor for another 10 seconds. Then carefully slice your ripe, soft avocado into two halves so that you may remove the seed. Proceed to cutting into small dices. Place the avocado into your bowl which has been set aside for the salsa. Add the lime juice (from fresh limes) and a few dashes of sea salt. Stir. Pour your salsa blend from the food processor into the bowl. Wash and dice the cilantro. Add to salsa. Return to the corn and ensure that it has cooled enough to remove the niblets. Run your knife carefully and vertically down the cob to remove the corn (you can bypass this by buying loose kernels of corn). Add the niblets to your salsa and stir. If your ingredients have been kept in the fridge then your salsa is ready to eat! Otherwise, you can fridge it for 10 min or eat at room temperature if preferred. Eat with tortilla chips or on tacos!

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