5 Ways to Honor Earth Daily

We often think of trees, the oceans and anything outdoors when we consider Earth Day. While wildlife, oceans and forests go hand-in-hand with Mother Nature, everything that exists is connected. We are all connected, and we share a connectedness with Earth. All of our decisions impact one another, as well as nature, as it is the same thing. The existence of wildlife, trees, insects, people, oceans etc., are all a working system. It’s helpful to have a day such as Earth Day to remind people of the beauty and importance of nature as it relates to Earth as a whole, and to encourage us to be mindful of our choices. Every bit has an impact. Please consider ways that you can honor Earth daily, in turn, honoring yourself and generations to come.

Here are 5 ways to incorporate conscious and green living:

1. Mindfulness – Generally speaking, practicing mindfulness can have a huge impact on decision making by the simple fact that we are being more conscious about how our behaviors may impact our environment or other people. It is also important to how we treat ourselves and practice healthy self-care.

2. Recycling – This is an obvious one as far as Earth Day topics go, but people have a habit of complacency. Sometimes recycling can feel inconvenient. It might now be as simple as putting out your recycling bin to the curb. In other cases, there are some items you need to drop-off regardless of whether you have a pick-up service. I’ve been in the position of having to transport my recyclables to a depository. It does feel like a daunting task at times, but it is a commitment. After a while, I began incorporating the drop off as a part of my routine. I had a particular location that was preferred and created a plan out of the trip a few times a month, stopping by grocery stores and eateries on the route, so that I was getting multiple tasks done in one trip. See if you can find a location on or near your usual routes to frequented places. Some depositories have different regulations and items that they accept, so it does require a little research. And when it’s all said and done, you’ve reduced your footprint of litter and pollution and possibly, the life of a marine animal.

3. Shop non-plastic- Obviously a hot topic these days. This is important and can be done in many ways. One method is shopping using your reusable bags. This took some getting used to for me. The issue was that I would carry bags with me but would forget to bring them into the store. Or I would use them, bring them into the house, and they wouldn’t make it back into my vehicle. I solved the issue just over practice and repetition. I have a collection of bags now. So, if there are usually some with me and a few at home. I also began hanging the bags on my front door after I unloaded them, so that I could grab it on my way out (helped so much). This effort may not seem impactful but please visit these links for facts on why plastic is dangerous and unfriendly to the environment: plasticpollutioncoalation & Our World in Data

When purchasing food & drink storage options, use glass or stainless steel.

Replace plastic straw use with paper or bamboo straws! StrawFree has affordable straw options.

4. Conserve water & energy. Do you leave the shower water running for ages before getting in? Or how about the faucet when you brush your teeth or during cooking? Small changes by many people will create a large impact. Open windows and use natural light. Consider solar power if it’s in your means to do so.

5. Eat as a vegetarian once or twice a week. The impact? You will help to reduce the high demand of meat processing that contributes to outstanding amounts of greenhouse gas emissions. This helps us and the Earth simultaneously (Greenpeace).

Earth is the only home we have in this lifetime. Care for it so that it may care for us!

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