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Empowering our clients to make healthy lifestyle changes starting with themselves and their homes by doing our part to ensure that they have the tools to incorporate a holistic and thoughtful approach to wellness. We want everyone to live a more conscious, balanced and natural lifestyle.


Change is inevitable and our growth is constant. We will continue to study naturopathy and herbs in order to provide our highest level of expertise and thoughtfulness to our products. We'll continue to evolve with fair trade & ethical goods for a sustainable future that supports individuals, communities & other small businesses. 



 Stephanie started in the field of behavioral health, graduating with a Bachelor's in 2010, followed by a Master's Degree in Psychology. She specializes in Chemical Dependency and is a licensed counselor. She's also certified in Holistic Nutrition & Reiki. Her passion for conscious, balanced living and nutrition inspired her to establish the brand in March 2019, initially offering lifestyle and telehealth services with her products.

Over time, she has been intuitively drawn to herbalism & sustainability, which she continues to study & practice.



I appreciate all of your support for small business & mindful living!

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