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Change is inevitable. Let's commit to our values and to positive behaviors that serve our overall health. It takes courage to step out on the unfamiliar, as an evolution of one's self, in seeking fulfillment and connectedness. We are ever-changing beings so there is no flaw in seeking guidance. Many of us find that we have outgrown our current situations, or that we've lost a sense of self. In wellness, it is important to consider the whole-self; mind, body and spirit. As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Counselor, and Lifestyle Advisor, I provide you access to new and existing (internal/external) tools and professional guidance. You will reach a new level of empowerment and intuitive living. I offer a range of services as to assist you in your journey, including products to aid in holistic living, and additional services for those in long-term sobriety. 


Our vision is to empower clients with the tools to incorporate a holistic and thoughtful approach to wellness, allowing them to live a more conscious lifestyle, with improved nutrition, and mental and physical awareness. 


To provide those in transitional periods with the tools and guidance needed to reestablish holism in areas of nutrition and lifestyle. Our approach encourages connectedness to our internal selves, values and to nature, with an emphasis on mindfulness, self-care, lifestyle balance and values. For those seeking help with sobriety, we focus largely on behavior modification, REBT and  the stages of change. 


My journey toward this endeavor began in the mental health field. I obtained my Bachelors in 2010, followed by a Master's Degree in Psychology. My most recent professional achievements include a career as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in Texas, as well as an accredited certification in Holistic Nutrition. My passion for conscious living and nutrition, coupled with mental health & counseling experience, has brought me to establish this brand for individuals such as yourself. I look forward to working alongside you to create your ideal, intuitive lifestyle that's well balanced.


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