Wellness is a Lifestyle

About Our Services

Our goal at Ivy OH Wellness is to help you achieve your most balanced state of holistic wellness. We focus on lifestyle changes through a collaborative effort with our clients, as all of our services are client-centered. We consider your specific individual needs & some of our focuses are attitudes and beliefs, stress management, cognitive behavioral techniques, REBT, self-talk, limiting beliefs, change-readiness and so on.... until our clients' wellness goals are met. We also specialize in substance abuse for those seeking to maintain sobriety, also with a holistic approach. Our consulting services are virtual and available to adults ages 18+. Reiki will be offered in 2021.


Our Apothecary

We strive to create natural and homeopathic products that are comforting and fun! We'll continue updating inventory as we grow in herbalism and as our products evolve. We appreciate you supporting our small business!

Fair - Ethical Trade

Our environment and shopping habits are very much a part of achieving a holistic-centered lifestyle. What goes into our homes have an impact on our well-being. Businesses & artists that you support determines your impact to nature as well.



AMAZING products that are (most importantly) natural and not filled with chemicals! definitely recommend to ANYONE. 


I recommend their services. Takes times to build rapport during counseling.

I appreciate the compassion and knowledge provided.

Google Review

Awesome business that takes time out for their customers. Personal service at it's best.

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