This service is popular among clients who seek a shorter commitment, as well as with those that have high stress levels. Consciousness involves self-awareness and evaluating one's thought processes. Mindfulness is also a key component. You will work with me to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle, and practice stress-management techniques. Focus areas depend on client needs or goals. Does not include a nutrition consulting. Individual, virtual sessions.

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Services listed require a high level of commitment. Contact us today for any booking questions & availability. 

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Intuitive Nutrition & Lifestyle Package

Anyone seeking to modify their eating habits or styles, will benefit from my expertise in Holistic Nutrition. As society is becoming more aware of what is impacting their mental and physical health, people are seeking out such knowledge more often. This service does not offer a specific diet and is individualized based on the client's needs, lifestyle and preferences. We will work together to create nutritional goals and I will empower you with information and hands-on practice (where needed). The nutrition service includes other areas of focus for proper balance, including meditation and lifestyle changes. Requires a 6-week commitment. This is virtually based.


Virtual Counseling

Substance abuse impacts every aspect of an individual's life. Sobriety is a difficult, lifelong commitment but it CAN be managed. This service is for those who have completed a treatment program and are 60+ days clean. I provide lifestyle guidance as means of managing one's long-term sobriety, with a large focus on CBT and coping strategies. Although I am a licensed counselor, I do not serve as a sponsor, nor do I provide services to those in detox. Please visit a meeting or medical practice for such persons. This service is limited to Texas residents. We utilize for virtual, HIPAA compliant sessions. Per-session fees apply.

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